Selfies at Funerals

Hello and goodbye
Compiled by @heyfeifer


Here are some of the more interesting reactions to this Tumblr. For longer interviews with Jason Feifer, the guy who made it, click on either radio program “The List” or “Q”.

Thanks to everyone for their interest, enthusiasm, and confusion.

The Atlantic : “A new Tumblr compiles self-portraits taken at funerals and shared with the world. Here are a few, interspersed with more traditional efforts at celebrating life and publicly reflecting on mortality.”

Bustle : “Selfies at funerals is a trend now. Are we losing our humanity?”

Business Insider: “Teenagers Are Taking Selfies At Funerals — And A New Tumblr Has The Entire Cringeworthy Collection”

CNBC : “Selfies at funerals? Yes, people actually do that.”

CNET : “The great new art trend: selfies at funerals

CNN : “Long live etiquette: ‘Selfies at Funerals’ on Tumblr must die”

Complex : “How Funeral Selfies Made Narcissism a Necessity”

Fox 5 NYC : “Selfies at funerals—why?”

Gawker : “YOLO: ‘Selfies at Funerals’ Is the Last Tumblr You See Before You Die”

Good Morning America : “Photo fanatics follow latest craze by taking ‘selfies’ at funerals”

The Guardian : “Is taking a selfie at a funeral bad form?”

Halloween: This gal’s awesome Halloween costume!

Huffington Post : “Funeral Selfies Are The Latest Evidence Apocalypse Can’t Come Soon Enough”

Jezebel : “A passionate defense of selfies at funerals” 

The List on Australian Public Radio : 10-minute interview with Jason Feifer

Midnight, on Comedy Central : (See the final segment!)

New York magazine : Approval Matrix (lowbrow, despicable)

Q with Jian Ghomeshi on CBC Radio : “Mortician defends selfies at funerals”

Salon : “In defense of selfies at funerals”

Scary guy : It’s a scary guy in a diner and he, uh, has a point to make?

Slate : “RT If You’re :( About Someone Dying”